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June 21, 2012
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   "Yes!" you yelled. You looked down at your drawing with pride. Ever since you went out on the date with Alfred a week ago ideas had been savagely attacking your brain. So far the only project you still had was Alfred's outfit, (which for the record he still had no idea about) so that has been the main source for your imagination. With it being an action movie you weren't surprised when you were asked to design a superhero costume, which of course had to still qualify as a soldiers clothing style, giving you at first no inspiration. Being a somewhat girly-girl you had never cared much for the military or any of the superhero's, whether they be DC or Marvel. For some odd reason though being with Alfred had given you ideas, and you weren't complaining. So that now brings you to analyzing your finally finished project, now only needing to get it approved so you could make the real-life outfit.
   Giving a happy giggle you went and got out of your chair, about to go for the door when a few knocks were heard. Stopping for a second from your slight surprise you proceeded, opening the door to find your boss on the other side. You had no chance to make a comment before she let herself in, cutting you off with a loud greeting.
    "Oh (Name) dear, I have news!" Mrs. Wellman said bubbly. You just gave her an expectant look in return. "As you know you're doing Alfie's outfit-"
    'Alfie's?!' you thought, and suddenly you felt a bit… angry. For some odd reason your boss using Alfred's nickname with you made you feel threatened, and once you realized why, you would've chuckled to yourself if you're boss wasn't in the room. You were dating the guy for just a few weeks and you couldn't believe you already loved him this much, you wondered if he felt the same. Not wanting to think about it you tuned back in to Mrs. Wellman's monologue.
   "-So that's why you're going down to see the cast! It will be a wonderful and hopefully inspiring experience for your lovers little outfit!" shouted your boss with glee. Just realizing what she wanted you to go do your eyes widened in shock, and you coughed in your hand from your throat deciding to close on you. Not wanting to make a scene you composed yourself and gave a smile in your boss's direction.
   "T-that's a great i-idea, haha, t-thanks for the offer, uhm, b-but me and Alfred a-aren't really lovers a-and-" you stuttered but your boss waved you off, pushing you to the door.
   "No no no, you're practically an item to the press! Be glad they don't know your address yet! So go down there and get some… inspiration, if you know what I mean!" your boss said suggestively. Almost to the elevators you turned around and gave your boss a creeped out look. You couldn't care if it was Mrs.Wellman, that was just wrong. Laughing at your reaction your boss shoved you into the elevator, and not giving you a chance to retaliate the doors started to close between the two of you. The last thing you saw was her waving innocently at you, and then you were all alone. You grumbled to yourself as you pressed the button for your boyfriend's floor.
   "I bet this is revenge for me back talking her last week…" you thought, remembering how you just ditched work last week to get ready for your first date with Alfred. You couldn't help but let a small smile grace your lips as you thought of Alfred being your boyfriend. The thought made you feel light as air, and what felt like butterflies in your stomach. To sum it up, whenever you were around Alfred you felt like a lovesick schoolgirl. That would also explain as to why you weren't complaining too much when you were given the chance to see your boyfriend. Your thoughts were interrupted though as the elevator 'dinged' and as you looked up the doors opened to reveal complete chaos.
   It seemed everyone was running to get somewhere, the actors that weren't being filmed were having a food fight, (and somehow over the roar of things you heard the fight was over a battle of who was more awesome) and people were screaming their heads off at each other for technical issues they were having. All in all, you were lost. Stepping out you managed to dodge a croissant coming your way, and as people pushed you out of their way you realized that no one probably cared you were even there. Wondering how anything even got done you looked around, and noticed a rather large door, and making a noise of understanding you recognized the filming was done in a private area. That was where Alfred probably was. Knowing you couldn't go in there you didn't know what to do, and unfortunately that only made you look more like prey in the eyes of someone who had begun to watch you. Going to walk over to somewhere else you gasped in surprise when you were stopped by arms encircling your waist. You didn't have to look behind you to know who it was, for the stench of wine clearly gave him away.
   "ohohoho~ Ma Cherie, it ez a zuprize to zee you ere" the Frenchman said. Trapped in his iron grip you just squirmed, and not acknowledging his statement you stared forward, not even wanting to get near his face.
   "Where's Alfred?" you asked in an obvious discomforted and peeved tone. Francis just laughed at you.
   "Fortunately he ez ztill filming, giving us time to fool around, no? Ohoho~" the Frenchman said in a perverted tone. Not being able to handle him anymore you were about to call on someone around you for help when an obnoxious laughter filled the air, making everyone stop for a second to see who was there. Realizing it was just Alfred, coming from the stage, most people went back to their business, the few others being star struck people still wanting to catch a glimpse of him . Francis immediately let go of you, remembering his last encounter with Alfred, making you smirk. A blush crept up onto your face though when you realized Alfred had no idea you were here, and you had no clue as to how you should greet him. Looking around you noticed Alfred coming your way, and making yourself look a little more presentable you waited for him to notice you. Fortunately you didn't have to wait long, for Alfred caught a glimpse of you and did a double take. Looking your way he gave you an incredulous look, but when you gave him an innocent smile and a little wave his expression turned into pure joy. Almost sprinting towards you he took you in his arms and spun you around, making you giggle.
   "(NAAAMMEEE)!!! You totally surprised me dude!" the American said enthusiastically. You once again laughed at his childish behavior.
   "Well my boss wanted me to come down and get some 'inspiration' so it's not like I really had a warning either" you replied back playfully. Looking up and noticing your nose was just centimeters away from Alfred's you blushed, realizing how close the two of you had become, Alfred almost hugging you to his body. You also weren't the only one to notice this as you saw a tint of pink on Alfred's cheeks. Unfortunately the moment was ruined as something whizzed past your face. 'Was that a scone…? You thought with a confused look on your face. Blinking the both of you looked to the side to a see a fuming British man.
   "YOU BLOODY GIT! I'LL KILL YOU! YOUR ARSE IS MINE!" screamed Arthur as he ran towards the both of you. You could hear a nervous chuckle from Alfred as he stood in front of you. With a battle cry from the angry Englishman he lunged at Alfred, but the American easily caught him, holding him up in the air before him so the only thing reaching him was Arthur's curse words. Wondering what was going on you just watched with wide eyes near Alfred.
   "Woah dude! Chill! What's the problem!?" Alfred asked, still smiling. If looks could kill Alfred would be on the floor in a matter of seconds from the icy glare he was getting.
   "Problem? That's what you would call it? ALL NIGHT I WAS KEPT UP FROM THOSE STUPID WANKERS BECAUSE YOU WANTED THEM OFF YOUR BLOODY HANDS YOU GIT!!" Arthur yelled again. Hearing his answer you faced palmed, suppressing a giggle as you heard your boyfriend chuckle.
   "Yeah dude! My plan totally worked didn't it? It was like killing two birds with one stone! I brought the party to you while I had a great time! It's totally a win-win!" Alfred said as he put Arthur down. In return the secretary had calmed down a bit but was still glaring at the celebrity.
   "That may be, but I clearly specified I did not want to do ANYTHING associated with that party, and to make matters worse you avoided all of my calls and texts the week after you dolt!" Arthur yelled at Alfred. Chuckling Alfred walked back a bit toward you, lacing his hand with yours.
   "Uh. Duh. I didn't want to have to deal with your grumpy old ass like I am now!" Alfred said in a cheerful tone. Your eyes widened in shock at your boyfriends comment, already knowing the secretary was angered you knew that might have blown his top. Looking over you were horrified to see Arthur fuming. "okay, time to go" Alfred bluntly said, dragging you behind him as he proceeded to run off. Not having the chance to say anything you watched as Arthur chased after the two of you, screaming profanities all the way. Having no idea on what to do you became confused.
   "Alfred what are you-" you began, but got cut off by the obnoxious American.
   "Don't worry (Name) just keep following me!" Your boyfriend shouted over everyone's chatter. Sure enough you couldn't see the furious Englishman anymore, probably losing him in the throng of people. You also quickly learned where Alfred was heading as he finally came to a stop outside a door, and when you both went inside you realized he lead you to a room no one used, or a secret room. The only thing in it was some cleaning supplies and a few boxes, but it was the view that made it amazing. Being on the corner of the building two sides were made entirely of glass windows, enabling you to gaze over most of the city. The view was so breathtaking you just about forget you were now entirely alone with Alfred. You were reminded though when you felt a pair of strong arms encircle you from behind. "I come here sometimes when I want a break from everyone, or just 'to get away' " Alfred said, making you both giggle as you thought of Arthur. "It works really well too considering no one has found me so far" the celebrity continued, laying his head down on your shoulder. You could practically hear the smirk in his face. Giggling you turned your head to the side to face him.
   "What about me?" you asked playfully. At your question Alfred turned your whole body around to face him, his smirk turning into a grin.
   "I don't think I could if I tried, and you know my hiding spot now anyways" Alfred replied, making you giggle again. As he wrapped his arms around your waist again you both gazed over to the window.
   "You should of told me about this view earlier, it's really beautiful…" you trailed off, not noticing that Alfred had started staring at you.
   "Yeah, it really is…" Alfred said. You looked back at him, and when you realized he was staring at you a big grin fell on your face as you blushed.
   "I can't believe you just said that, it was so cheesy" you said in an amused manner. Alfred just pretended to actually look offended like France had done to you, making you laugh. The celebrity couldn't help but to laugh along with you.
   "Well it may be cheesy, but it's still true!" he said trying to defend himself. His comment made you look up at him, both of your eyes meeting. As you stared at each other the giggling started to die down and the atmosphere started to get more intense. Looking at one another neither of you realized your faces were slowly coming together. Feeling Alfred's breath on your face you slowly closed your eyes, already knowing what was about to happen. Right before your lips touched however, both of you heard a silent 'click'. With the moment ruined your eyes snapped open to Alfred's, and you both glanced over to a corner of the room. Immediately seeing someone spring out from the boxes you gasped, and you heard the celebrity curse under his breath. In a matter of seconds the person bolted for the door, Alfred sprinting after him. You put a hand over your mouthed as you watched your boyfriend chase the boy out of the room, and you ran outside to see where they were going. Just standing there awkwardly you realized everyone had begun to stare at you, so muttering an apology you ran back into the room, and as you shut the door behind you, you slid down it in despair.
   "Oh god I don't need my picture all over the front of a magazine, poor Alfred…" you thought aloud, burying your head in your hands. Having time to think of what just occurred you let out a moan of displeasure. "I almost got to kiss him too! Dangit!" you yelled to the empty room. Too embarrassed to wait up for Alfred you opted to start heading back up to your floor. 'So much for some inspirational ideas…' you thought disappointed as you opened the door. Up ahead you clearly saw the Frenchman, and as he tried to talk to you as you walked past you just shoved him out of the way, not in any mood to deal with him. Finally in front of the elevator, you pressed the button to go up. 'I hope Alfred won't get the wrong idea of me leaving…' you thought becoming worried. Hearing the ding of the elevator you stepped inside, knowing you now couldn't go back as the doors closed behind you. 'I'll just call Alfred later…" you thought nervously, wringing your hands in the silent elevator.

   With a sigh you turned on the radio in your car. Ever since the incident had occurred you were expecting a call from Alfred, but of course you had heard nothing. You knew you had to call him, but you didn't expect it to be this hard. If you were to call him you had no idea on what you would say, it's not like you had to say sorry for anything, (at least you hoped not) and there wasn't a legit reason for you calling him either.
   "Ughhhh, what do I dooo…" you whined as you slumped in the driver's seat. Not really wanting to dwell on it any longer you turned the volume up higher on your radio, singing along to the lyrics. Apparently the music proved to be a great distraction, before you knew it you were pulling up into the underground garage of your apartment complex singing a song by Cascada. Turning off your car you grabbed your purse, but before you got out of the car you could have sworn you saw something out of the corner of your eye. Turning sharply to look behind you, you saw nothing. Shaking off a foreboding feeling you got out, locking your car. Walking towards the door that lead to the elevator and stairs you knew this time you weren't hallucinating. Around you from different areas you could hear footsteps. Not even taking the chance to look around you sprinted for the door, and when unlocked it with your key you made sure to slam it shut behind you. Looking out the little glass window that was carved into the door you let out a breath you didn't even knew you were holding. Nothing was there. Feeling ridiculous you headed inside the elevator.
   Instead of heading through your front door as usual you just decided to take the back entrance into your apartment this time. As you stepped out of the elevator when it reached your floor, you found it odd as the hall of your apartment was deserted. There were many families in your duplex, and around the time you got off work, (which is usually around five) everyone was out and about having a good time. Not thinking twice about it you shrugged to yourself as you unlocked your apartment, smiling as you stepped inside the welcoming atmosphere. Putting down your things and taking off your shoes you went to your couch and plopped down on it. Not having anything to really do you just lied there, staring out into space.
   'I never realized it before but my apartment is pretty lonely, and it's kinda boring too…' you thought, disappointed in your choice of living. 'Maybe I should get a dog or something…' you trailed off, then you smiled. Thinking about getting a puppy reminded you of Alfred; he acted like one all of the time. Bringing up the man though put a frown on your face. Turning over you looked towards your purse, evidently seeing the top of your phone peeking out. 'Oh Alfred… I'll do it a little bit later' you thought trying to make yourself feel a little better about the situation. Getting up you decided to change into some pajamas first, with it being so early you thought you should hold off on dinner for a little while.

   You pouted at your phone. With dialing Alfred one click away you had begun to chicken out. You didn't know what to do. You were just glad you could decide on something to wear, finding a cute pair of (f/c) pajama pants with a matching tank-top. For some odd reason as you changed you somehow felt watched, so you were forced to change in the bathroom that was conjoined to your bedroom. Looking up at the window to just see the night sky staring back at you, a determined look crossed your face.
   "Screw it" you muttered to yourself as you dialed the number. 'I think I'm just making it into a big deal, he may not of even cared! Then again I'm also really over thinking this situation…" you thought trying to assure yourself. Pacing back and forth in your room as the dial tone rang your heart almost leaped out of its chest as you heard the phone pick up.
   "Hey, (Name)! How's it goin?" you heard your boyfriend cheerfully ask. You on the other hand stalled for a second, then laughed when your voice came back to you.
   "Oh nothing~ I'm just wondering though, what happened with the reporter guy?" You asked nervously.
   "Oh yeah. I'm really sorry (Nickname), but I couldn't get him in time. When I was chasing him through the crowd the paparazzi snagged me" your boyfriend said in a disappointed tone. You frowned at his tone of voice.
   "Alfred its fine. Really I don't mind. Dating you I knew it was inevitable. So what if people start stalking me and stuff? At least now I don't have to worry about rapists eheh" You said trying to cheer up the American, trying to laugh at your own joke. In truth you were actually happy, even though the whole incident hadn't really scarred you, it was still pretty terrifying. Knowing people were watching you took some anxiety off your back of the chances of being attacked again.
   "(Name)… I know. I just wish your privacy could have lasted a little longer…" Alfred trailed off, making a light pink dust your cheeks. Turning away from your window you flailed a bit.
   "I understand , but it doesn't matter as long as I get to be with you ok? And sorry for ducking out earlier, I really didn't know what to do and everyone kept staring at me awkwardly" you said rubbing the back of your neck nervously.
   "Awww (Name)! It's totally fine. But speaking of being with each other can I come over? I'm at McDonald's so I'm near your apartment anyway!" the celebrity replied back energetically. You could hear the smirk in his voice. Of course, being very insecure you panicked, thinking you must look horrible considering you were already in your pajamas. Then again you hadn't even had dinner, and right now the fast food restaurant sounded delicious.
   "Only on one condition" you said playfully. Hearing him laugh at the other end of the phone almost made you join him, but hearing what sounded like something being opened behind you made the smile leave your face.
   "Oh, I see. What would that be then?" Alfred asked in an equally playful tone as you turned around. Your eyes turned into dinner plates and you backed all the way up into your dresser. Seeing a man dressed in all black climb (and partially fall) into your bedroom from your first story window made you gasp into the phone. The cold night air was rushing in around your form, the black figure stumbling around in front of you. It was as if you had traveled back in time, that you were distinctly back in THAT place again. Every single moment from the night you were attacked came flooding back to you in an instant as you saw the man try to get up. You soon found yourself paralyzed with fear as you started to shake violently.
   "Hey (Name)? Is everyt-" Alfred began, but you cut him off as a bloodcurdling scream left your mouth. You watched as the man jumped from your outburst, making you drop the phone and dash for your door. Unfortunately he noticed what you were trying to do and still kneeling on the floor wrapped his hand around your ankle making you trip through the doorway. You let out a groan of pain as your body connected with the hardwood floor. Hearing the intruder move behind you made you instantly forget about the pain as you rolled around onto your back to face him.
   "NO! GET THE HELL OFF ME!" You screamed as you successfully kicked him in the face, making him let go of your ankle and sprawl backwards. Even though you got a good glimpse of his face, through your fear you chose not to acknowledge his features. Instead you got up as fast as you could, making a beeline for your front door. Now in the living room you almost smiled in relief as you saw you were about ten feet away from your door, but then you heard a grunt and the next thing you knew you were staring at the door on the ground. Panicking you started to hyper ventilate, thrashing around in the man's hard grip as you got turned over. You sobbed as you saw his angered face, blood dripping from his nose. You were at least glad you could give him some injuries. As he then roughly grabbed you wrists and pinned them above your head you started to wail, wondering why he hadn't slapped you yet.
   "(NAME)! SHUT THE HELL UP! IT'S JUST ME!" shouted the tormentor in your face. With tears beginning to run down your face you opened your blurry eyes only to see the face of the biggest douchbag in the world. Your Ex. "Great now lay still for me as I get a picture" he said with a smile as he pulled out a camera with his other free hand. In shock and disbelief you looked at him with the most incredulous look on your face. 'All he wanted… was a picture? I just went through all that because… because… of a picture?' you thought, not breathing for a few seconds.
   "W-what…?" you croaked out, trying to process all that was happening. Being petrified so badly you had no clue on how to react to the situation, and you were about to sob again as your front door slammed open, assuring you some hinges had probably broken. What happened next came so fast you could barely make out what happened. All you remembered was seeing your Ex look at where the noise came from, before he was flying off of you and suddenly you were being held in someone else's strong arms. Immediately smelling hamburgers and Axe you relaxed at knowing who it was, your eyes screwing shut. Your wails became muffled into his chest as you became dully aware that he had picked you up bridal style. What you were aware of was him gently setting you down on your couch, and you watched stoically as you continued to cry as Alfred threw your Ex boyfriend out of your nearest window, telling him something along the lines of, 'he's lucky he's not in a killing mood'. Quite frankly you couldn't care at this point, your crying beginning to get more quite. Still remaining limp you watched as Alfred kneeled before you, gathering you up in his arms again as he silently carried you back to your bedroom. As he laid you down on your bed you were surprised he still hadn't let go of you, and instead was comfortingly stroking your hair.
   "Are you ok?" he asked softly, not wanting to startle you. You nodded into his chest, but as the silence enveloped around you two you felt the need to do something. Slowly you arms wrapped around his torso, and Alfred replied by hugging you back.
   "All that ass wanted was a picture. A stupid… picture!" you angrily shouted into his chest. Alfred looked at you with sympathy and confusion.
   "(Name), this is exactly what I was talking about, this is all my fault-" began the celebrity, but you cut him off as you shook your head.
   "No, that was my Ex. He's also the only stupid person I know who would do something like this. I mean look! He broke into my house!" you said as you gestured to your still open window. "It didn't help either that I had a flashback to… that night, making me overreact and flip out" you continued, letting the rest of your tears escape and roll down your cheeks. You looked up somewhat startled as you felt Alfred wipe away your tears.
   "Well then that settles it, looks like you're gonna have to move in with the hero so he can protect you at all times" your boyfriend said, glaring at the window. This made your jaw drop to the floor in shock as you took Alfred's hand off your face and into yours.
   "A-are you serious? But we've only dated for barely a few months and-" you rambled, but the celebrity cut you off by putting his finger to your lips.
   "(Nickname), do you trust me?" Alfred asked as you looked up at him with innocent eyes. In reply you nodded silently.
   "Great, then you have nothing to worry about. It also means that I can do this…" the celebrity trailed off, making you slowly realize he had you lying down on top of the bed, him hovering over you. Not giving you a chance to ask him what he was doing, he crashed his lips onto yours, sending a wave of pleasure through both your bodies. Your eyes closed as his mouth moved fluently with yours. As his tongue explored your mouth your hands encircled around his neck, and you began to play with his hair. With the need of air finally becoming too great you both parted, panting. He just looked down and gave you one of his trademark smiles.
   "You have no idea how long I've been wanting to do that" Alfred said in a happy way.
   "You and me both" you eagerly replied back, watching as Alfred lied down beside you. He then took a piece of your (length) hair, twirling it around in his fingers. Giving a content sigh he looked straight into your eyes.
   "Oh, and uh, sorry about your door… I didn't really know what-" Alfred started, but now it was your turn to cut him off.
   "Alfred, just shut up and kiss me" you said playfully as you smirked. Smiling with you Alfred eagerly complied, putting your face in his hands. As you two parted once again another thought surfaced in your brain. You looked at Alfred with a sincere look as you laid one of your hands on his cheek.
   "Alfred F. Jones, I think this has been long overdue but, I Love you, and just thank you… for everything" you said in a sincere tone as you looked the man in the eyes. You weren't surprised to find him kissing you once again, but this time in a much more gentle way.
   "I love you too (Name), and I thank you too. Right now you've made me the happiest hero alive!" your boyfriend shouted with glee, making you giggle. You then snuggled into each other, and soon the both of you grew tired. As your eye lids drooped the smile that adorned your face still had not left, and in your hero's strong arms you finally fell into a blissful and peaceful sleep; you knew with him by your side you didn't have to worry anymore.
:icontearfulplz: First off I'm so sorry people. IDIDN'TTHINKITWOULDBETHISHARDTOWRITEANDITOOKFOREVERI'MSORRYIT'SSOLATEPLEASEFORGIVEMEEEEEEE. :iconlazycryplz: *sob*. Anyway it's finally here! The last chapter! I thank all of you guys for all the awesome support and wonderful comments. All your reviews bring me such joy :iconiloveitplz: But I also have to apologize for the horrifying ending. Trying to write serious fluffy Alfred was slowly making me go insane :iconamericawhyplz: ALFRED Y U SO HARD TO WRITE SRSLY?! It's not fair. I made him so OOC it's not funny. Whatever. I just hope can excuse this sorry excuse for a chapter and enjoy it. OH and yes there is some language. I WARN YOU NOW.


Alfred= :iconhimaruyaplz:
You= :iconamericaphonesexplz:
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